Are you a business owner in Alexandria, wanting to grow your business through franchising? If you’ve answered yes, then you’ve come to the right place. LegalVision is an online legal firm with a fantastic team of franchise lawyers who can help you draft a Franchise Agreement. As our franchise lawyers come from mid to top tier law firms across Australia, they have the expertise in drafting and reviewing franchise agreements, and tailor the terms and conditions to match the unique identity of your franchise.

A great concern for any franchise lawyer when drafting a Franchise Agreement, is ensuring there is uniformity applied across all contracts with each franchisee. The greater the disparity found in these agreements, the greater the chance for dissatisfaction and distrust among other franchisees. To avoid accusations of ‘favouritism’, a franchisor’s lawyer must ensure they negotiate fair terms with each individual franchisee.

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For the owners of Pie Face, this lesson was learnt the hard way, with many franchisees threatening legal action. Many were upset about the discrepancies between the various franchise agreements.

Pie Face’s story should serve as a reminder for potential franchisees on the importance of due diligence in franchise arrangements. At LegalVision, our lawyers can undertake a Franchise Agreement review in as little as 48 hours! Their job will be to ensure you get the best terms and conditions available, and to make sure you’re entering a workable arrangement.

To protect your business in Alexandria, have an experienced franchise lawyer from LegalVision review all the terms and conditions of your Franchise Agreement.

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