Are you franchising in Katherine? Whether you’re a franchisee or a franchisor, the Franchise Agreement is essentially your Bible; it is the authoritative source for your duties, rights and obligations in respect of the franchise, for the duration of the franchise relationship. It must be drafted and reviewed by a lawyer, and preferably one that has experience dealing with franchises. Luckily LegalVision is home to some of the best franchise specialists in the business, who can assist you over the phone or online with your Franchise Agreement in Katherine.

If you’re in the process of franchising your business, you are the franchisor, and it’s, therefore, your responsibility to draft the Franchise Agreement from scratch. There are no generic franchise agreements, they must be tailored specifically to you and your business model. As no two businesses are the same, no two franchise agreements will be the same either. It is important to work closely with a franchise lawyer or contract specialist so that they can get to know you, your business and your goals, and reflect them in the Franchise Agreement.

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Franchise agreements are very lengthy agreements, by virtue of having to cover all things relating to the franchise. Core terms usually set out the duration of the agreement, the associated fees to be paid by the franchisee, the use of branding and other intellectual property, business and marketing plans, a dispute resolution clause and a termination clause. Of course, other more specific terms will be included that are relevant to your particular franchise. Above all the Franchise Agreement should mitigate any disputes or disagreements as much as possible during the franchise relationship!

If you’re a franchisor we can help you draft your agreement from scratch, and if you’re a franchisee we can review it thoroughly before you sign it, and all for an upfront, affordable fixed-fee!

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