Are you looking for a Franchise lawyer in Raymond Terrace? Do you need a franchise agreement draft or review? Alas, look no further. Here at LegalVision, we have a team of highly experienced franchise lawyers. Their daily experience with commercial contracts, such as the Franchise Agreement, means you can have a thorough draft or review in next to no time. 

The franchise agreement is a very important document for anyone wanting to buy a franchise. It sets out all the enforceable obligations and rights that each party has over the coming years. As the ramifications of this document on your business are huge, it’s very important that you have an experienced lawyer negotiate your best interest. A common concern of many franchise lawyers is whether their clients fully realise the risks and obligations they are uptaking in this legal document.

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Before you buy out a franchise, it’s very important you are advised about this venture. An experienced franchise lawyer will make sure you properly carry out due diligence before you sign any documents. As the exposure of 7/11’s systemic wage exploitation in 2015 demonstrates, the stability of your Franchisor’s business will deeply affect yours. Unfortunately for the franchisees at 7/11, the damaged Goodwill attached to their franchisor’s business will significantly affect the value of their own franchise.

A franchise lawyer from LegalVision can help to ensure you are buying the right franchise. Once the draft or review is finalised, they’ll be able to run you through all the terms and conditions to ensure you have a full understanding of what your obligations and rights are. This will be essential if you want to avoid unknowingly breaching a term of the Franchise Agreement. Having a sound and fair agreement from the onset,  minimises the chances of disputes or costly litigation down the track.

To avoid costly litigation, have a franchise lawyer advocate your best interests today!

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