Are you on the lookout for a Distribution Agreement draft or review in Canberra? Distributors are intermediaries that can help manufacturers increase the reach of their goods. A contract lawyer from LegalVision can help all parties secure this commercial arrangement by providing comprehensive drafts or reviews for an affordable fixed fee.

A Distribution Agreement is a standard contract where one party agrees to sell products of the manufacturer. The distributor does so as a principal which means they take title and possession of the goods, purchasing the goods. Essential terms of the Distribution Agreement will cover (i) payment and the consequences of non-payment (ii) whether the agreement is exclusive or non-exclusive (iii) liability and health and safety and (iv) dispute resolution.

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Selective Distribution Agreements are a way for manufacturers to have greater control on the re-sale of their products. These agreements make sure that distributors only deal with other distributors who meet a standard. The selective criteria used will typically require that the products are re-sold to outlets that convey a particular image or on the condition that the distributor trains staff or provides an after-sales service. This helps manufacturers keep their products away from places they want to avoid.

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