Here at legalVision, we understand the difficulty many Australians face in locating the right lawyer. The ‘right’ lawyer is usually someone you trust, produces quality legal work, and does so efficiently, affordably, and in a friendly and professional way. The trouble currently is that so many firms operate on hourly billing, which discourages many people from seeking legal services altogether. This is because charging clients on such a system will sometimes lead to huge, exorbitant fees that are blown way out of proportion. Lawyers in larger traditional brick-and-mortar firms sometimes even charge for voicemails!

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How it Works

At LegalVision, we work only on fixed-fees because we understand the importance of having certainty when it comes to how much you spend. If you need a contract lawyer in Mildura or Wentworth, you have comes to the right place. Our contract lawyers operate online, and liaise with clients by means other than face-to-face consultations. For instance, if you need to have a Shareholders Agreement drafted, we would have you send us all the details of the parties and the business, and the LegalVision contract lawyer servicing Mildura – Wentworth region would consult with you over Skype, over the phone, via Email or some other electronic means of communication, saving you time, money, and the hassle of meeting and greeting your lawyer all for a simple commercial contract.

If you want to have security when growing and building up your business, you will need to speak with a contract lawyer to assess whether your business has any vulnerabilities in your contracts that could result in a legal dispute.

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