Running a business involves a tremendous amount of work as a business owner. A significant responsibility that will remain throughout your entire journey will be managing your legal rights and obligations. To make sure you stay on top of your contracts, it is worthwhile seeking affordable specialist advice right from the beginning. LegalVision is an Australian online-based law firm offering fixed fees for all our specialist contract lawyers.

All contract lawyers at LegalVision are experts and experienced lawyers specialising in a field of commercial and corporate law. Many of these lawyers have previously worked at some of the largest law firms across the country. Their experience, from top tier to specialist boutique law firms, gives our clients comfort knowing they are receiving quality legal advice to safeguard their commercial interests.

Getting in touch with our specialist contract lawyers is easy. Simply give us a call from Matraville on 1300 544 755 or fill out the form on this page for a member of our office to get in touch.

How it Works

At LegalVision, we can cover just about any commercial or corporate contract you will need to run your Matraville business. This covers contracts in areas such as Employment, Online Business, Franchising, Leasing, Banking and Finance or Online Business. Common contracts that are drafted or reviewed by our contract lawyers include a Website Terms of Use, Loan Agreements, Franchise Agreements and Distribution Agreements.

The best part about choosing LegalVision is that we use fixed fees and an online-based service to add transparency and convenience back into the lives of our busy clients. Unlike other traditionally modelled law firms, we believe billable hours are an outdated practice. Clients should focus on running their business and the legal work they are receiving, not the cost of their bills. This is why more and more Australian business owners are choosing to stay with LegalVision for further legal work.

To have a contract lawyer available online via email, live chat or a Skype conference, make sure you choose LegalVision for your Matraville business.

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Our Awards

  • Innovator of the Year – 2016 Australian Law Awards
  • Professional Services Business of the Year – 2016 Optus MyBusiness Awards
  • Boutique Diversity Law Firm of the Year – 2015 Women in Law Awards
  • Startup Disruptor and Next Rich Award Finalist – 2016 PwC Aspire Awards
  • Client Service and Delivery Award Winner – 2016 InfoTrack Client Centricity Awards
  • Innovator of the Year Finalist – 2016 Optus MyBusiness Awards