Heads of Agreement / Term Sheet – Sale of Business

LegalVision’s Heads of Agreement template sets out: definitions of the parties and the transaction an assets to be purchased clause a costs clause conditions precedent to completion clause a non-disclosure agreement clause a confidentiality clause The document is 9 pages long and contains 15 sections. This template contains the basic requirements of a Heads of […]

Sale of Business Agreement

This LegalVision Sale of Business Agreement template sets out the following clauses: purchase price conditions of sale conduct before completion stock, training, employees, superannuation, contracts and equipment premises warranties and guarantees restraint GST confidentiality dispute resolution The document is 34 pages long and contains 21 sections and 10 schedules. This template contains the basic requirements […]

Asset Sale Contract

LegalVision’s LVDox™ Free Asset Sale Contract sets out: details of the asset so that it can be identified; the price to be paid and how payment is to be made; when the asset is to be delivered; and when title and risk pass to the buyer and warranties of the seller. If your asset sale […]

Confidentiality Agreement

The Non-Disclosure Agreement template sets out: the types of confidential information to be protected; the term of the agreement; the obligations of the parties to the confidentiality agreement; when the confidentiality obligations apply; how notices are to be delivered under the confidentiality agreement; and how to resolve disputes arising from a breach of the agreement. […]

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