Heads of Agreement / Term Sheet – Sale of Business

LegalVision’s LVDox™ Free Term Sheet/ Heads of Agreement sets out: basic definitions of the parties and the transaction; a basic conditions precedent to the transaction clause; a basic costs clause; and a basic confidentiality clause.

Sale of Business Agreement

LegalVision’s LVDox™ Free Term Sheet/ Heads of Agreement sets out: a clause setting out the completion process; a clause setting out how employees will be managed; a restraint clause which provides that the seller must not carry on or be involved in a business similar to, or in competition with, the business or use, disclose […]

Asset Sale Contract

LegalVision’s LVDox™ Free Asset Sale Contract sets out: details of the asset so that it can be identified; the price to be paid and how payment is to be made; when the asset is to be delivered; and when title and risk pass to the buyer and warranties of the seller. If your asset sale […]

Confidentiality Agreement

LegalVision’s LVDox™ Free Confidentiality Agreement sets out: the obligations of the parties to the confidentiality agreement; when the confidentiality obligations apply; how notices are to be delivered under the confidentiality agreement; and a general description of the confidential information. If your confidentiality matters are more complex, then it’s important that you have a lawyer help […]

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