A key point of difference for LegalVision is that we collaborate with our clients to develop innovative solutions for their legal needs. These solutions draw on LegalVision’s capabilities in three core areas: legal expertise, technology and process design. LegalVision’s Growth and Innovation team works closely with our clients’ senior management and in-house lawyers to improve the way legal services are being delivered to their organisations.

Businesses with a high volume of legal needs have traditionally been limited in their options for seeking legal support. For a long time, the main choice was outsourcing the work to a law firm, which would charge the client based on hourly rates. The NewLaw ecosystem is now unlocking a range of alternative solutions for these clients – and LegalVision is leading the charge in providing cost-effective and high-quality legal services at scale.

LegalVision’s lawyers work alongside our IT developers, process engineers and project managers to design ways of delivering legal services that create value for our clients. Through our Design Jams and Sprint Assessments, we help businesses solve the most important legal process challenges they face. We can also improve the effectiveness of your legal function by providing quality legal support on a large scale, as well as offering custom legal apps, portals and platforms.

LegalVision’s Growth and Innovation team designs end-to-end legal solutions for large corporates and fast-growing businesses. By drawing on a broad base of capabilities, we provide cost-effective legal support for higher-volume legal projects, without compromising on quality.

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Growth and Innovation Services

LegalVision provides a range of legal solutions specifically directed at large corporates and fast-growing businesses that have a higher volume of legal needs.

Outsourced Legal Services – Quality at Scale

LegalVision understands that there are three important considerations for clients with a high volume of recurring legal projects. These clients need legal support that:

  • is cost-effective and provides certainty for large and variable work volumes;
  • is responsive to the time frames of the business; and
  • maintains a high quality work product.

LegalVision is committed to ensuring that our services meet these three characteristics for our clients. Our model enables us to deliver quality outsourced legal support at scale, helping businesses keep legal costs down and freeing up in-house legal teams to focus on more strategic projects relating to core business.

Some areas where LegalVision adds value for clients by providing quality and cost-effective legal services at high volumes include:

  • drafting, reviewing and negotiating a range of commercial agreements, such
  • as NDAs, procurement contracts, and service agreements;
  • managing substantial lease portfolios, including drafting, review and negotiation;
  • prosecution and monitoring services for trade mark assets;
  • managing the legal needs of large and growing franchise networks;
  • reviewing marketing and advertising collateral for retailers and other consumer-facing businesses; and
  • designing and implementing reliable resolution processes for recurring disputes.

Legal Process Design Jam

LegalVision collaborates with clients to identify and harness potential efficiencies for their legal functions. A Legal Process Design Jam is a workshop that draws on the principles of human-centred design to build actionable solutions to real problems in a short period of time.

A Design Jam can be held on site with a client, during a team retreat or at LegalVision’s offices. At the workshop, facilitators from LegalVision’s Growth and Innovation team guide groups of senior managers and in-house lawyers through a structured framework for creatively solving legal process challenges the business is facing.

At the end of the Design Jam, our clients are left with action plans and prototypes for applications, portals, platforms, devices or new business models and workflows that will add value for their organisations. LegalVision can then work with our clients to turn these plans into “minimal viable products” that can be tested in your business with minimal resources required.

Legal Sprint Assessment

For clients with a high volume of legal projects, LegalVision aims to adapt our engagement model and pricing to suit the client’s needs. We do this by conducting a Legal Sprint Assessment, through which we identify opportunities for increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

A Legal Sprint Assessment is a more intensive form of a Design Jam, focusing on a specific issue or one particular area of legal work. LegalVision’s Growth and Innovation team will conduct a comprehensive review of current processes in that area and then work with the client to design an improved workflow, which can be implemented by the client’s in-house legal team or outsourced to LegalVision for reliable and cost-effective support.

Legal Tech

LegalVision’s core business is providing cost-effective legal services to our clients. We use technology to increase our lawyers’ efficiency so we can deliver the best possible service. However, we also offer stand-alone legal technology to improve the way your business manages its legal needs.

The LegalVision team is constantly working to expand our tech base and stay at the leading edge of legal technology. Examples of our existing legal tech offering include:

  • PRISM, a cloud-based legal project management portal;
  • LVDox, a platform for automating and generating contracts and other legal documents;
  • a legal procurement platform that enables large corporates to request and manage tenders from panel law firms and secondment commitments; and
  • a user-friendly web app that helps clients navigate complex delegation of authority protocols within their organisation.

About LegalVision

LegalVision is a commercial law firm with a commitment to innovation. We bring together lawyers and technologists to deliver efficient and cost-effective legal solutions for SMEs, startups and corporates.

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