Are you looking to create your own butcher business, or expand your already existing butcher business? If so, it is important that you consider what is included in your employment contracts. Employment contracts are the most effective, and cost-effective way to ensure that all the different parts of your business are performing the way that you would like. This is because they define the way each of your employees sees their role within your business. Without the clear instructions that should be found within your employment contracts, each of your employees will be left to make it up as they go. This can be damaging to the structure of a business, including a butcher business. This lack of structure can severely hamper efficiency, as nobody is quite sure what is required of them.

Many business owners believe that verbal instructions can make up for unclear employment contracts. However, when push comes to shove, having a written list of roles and responsibilities that has been signed by your employees will always carry more weight than a verbal agreement.

How should I include safety procedures in my employment contracts?

Employment contacts ensure that your business is protected from any unwanted liability, and allow you to sleep easy at night, knowing that your business and your employees are protected as much as possible from any mishap that may occur in the workplace. Being a butcher has its fair share of dangers. When dealing with sharp metallic objects all day every day, one slight mistake could threaten disaster for the entire business. However, this risk can be mitigated through sound safety procedures that are reinforced in your employment contracts.

Many business owners believe that employment contracts are simply about defining pay and duration of employment. This is definitely not the case. An essential aspect of employment contracts is the inclusion of safety procedures that must be followed by employees at all times. As the owner of a butcher business, the necessity of including these safety provisions increases tenfold. Therefore, in each of your employment contracts you should ensure that your employees are aware of the fact, that the safety practices of your business are an essential term of employment. In addition, you should include a provision stating that non-compliance may form the grounds for termination of employment. At first, some employees may see these provisions as harsh or arbitrary, however, as a business owner, you are responsible for the safety of your employees, and fostering a safe work environment will be of benefit to you, your employees and their families.

Each butcher business has its own safety procedures, and it is never wise to dictate which of those procedures are essential, and which are not. Consequently, the safety procedures you require of your employees will be your own, and should reflect the way your business operates.

Do I need legal advice when creating my employment contracts?

Although it is possible to create your own employment contracts without seeking legal advice, it can prove a difficult task for a business owner. You have a lot on your chopping board already, and running a business is no easy task. To ensure your business is fully protected, you will need to be familiar with the shifting sands of Federal and State employment law. In short, legal advice is certainly worth looking into, particularly without prior legal experience.

However, as we have seen, your input is essential in ensuring that these employment contracts are suited to your business. As such, it is advisable that before seeking legal advice you either draft or create a list of terms that you believe are essential for your business, in order to reduce the cost of legal advice, and ensure your employment contracts do not end up being generic and misleading. LegalVision has created a comprehensive guide that shows you how a legal professional can assist you in creating employment contracts for your business, which can be found here.


Are you looking to create your own butcher business, or expand your already existing butcher business? If so, it is important that you consider what is included in your employment contracts. Employment contracts are essential to any business, and act as a bedrock upon which your business can prosper and grow. They assist your business in being efficient, and ensure that your employees are safe at all times. This allows you to rest assured that your business is protected from any unwanted liability. However, without previous legal experience, it can be a difficult task to create your own employment contracts. If you wish to receive further advice on creating employment contracts for your business, call LegalVision on 1300 544 755 for a fixed-fee quote.


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