The Temporary Work (Skilled) Visa is the most common work visa that individuals will apply to work in Australia. It allows workers to come to Australia and work for up to four years based on the sponsorship of an approved business. Many Visa 457 holders will consider switching to a visa 186 after two years or applying directly for permanent residency after four years in Australia.

Process to Apply for a Visa 457

The first stage of the visa application process is dependent on your sponsoring employer, who must get approved (if not approved already) and then submit a nomination for the position that you are to fill. Once these steps have passed, then you, or your migration agent, will be able to submit an application for the visa.

Applicant Eligibility

There are certain requirements that you must meet to be able to get a visa 457. This includes: criteria:

  • Being nominated to work in an occupation on the Australian Government’s Skilled Occupation Lists;
  • Met the skill requirements for the position, which may involve a skills assessment if it was a trade occupation;
  • Proven English language proficiency;
  • Meet the health and character requirements.

Documents Needed

While your sponsoring employer will mainly provide the sponsorship and nomination documents, you will also have to provide personal identity documents and proof that you have the skill requirements needed. To that end, all visa applicants will have to provide a certified copy of the following:

  • Passports that prove your identity;
  • Evidence of required test scores for English language proficiency (e.g. score of at least 4.5 in each component for the IELTS);
  • Exemptions may apply if you hold a passport from an exempted country, have completed five years of full-time taught in English, or you have a salary above $96,400.
  • Evidence of qualifications (e.g. Bachelor’s degree);
  • Evidence of work experience (e.g. employment references);
  • Evidence of your skills assessment (for trade occupations);
  • Resume;
  • Proof of health insurance either in Australia or your home country.
  • If you are bringing children or a spouse, identity documents and proof of relationship will also need to be provided. Note that further documents could be requested by the case officer, including police checks from countries you have spent over 12 months in.

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