About Vee Naidoo

Vee Naidoo is interested in intellectual property), commercial leasing and competition law, particularly as it intersects with the Arts. Vee draws on her experience as an editor, author, journalist and salesperson to provide clients with practical and accessible advice.
I Have Been Demoted by an Employer. Is this Legal?

5 Steps to Trade Mark a Brand Name

For businesses to effectively compete in today’s market, they must take steps to protect their intellectual property. In your business’…

I Have Been Demoted by an Employer. Is this Legal?

How to Establish a Breach of Confidence

Both the courts and businesses through specific clauses in contracts aim to protect confidential information. Unlike other types of intellectually property…

Can a Competitor Use a Logo or Tag Line Similar to Mine?

Can I Trade Mark a Campaign Slogan?

If you have created a marketing or advertising campaign, then you have likely developed one or more unique logos, images…

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