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Anthony is a growth marketer and lawyer working at the leading edge of developments in the legal profession. As Head of Marketing at LegalVision, he leads a team that brings together lawyers, digital marketers, developers and analysts who are tasked with identifying client opportunities online and breaking down barriers to accessible legal information. Anthony is recognised as one of Australia’s Top 50 Chief Marketing Officers (CMO50 List).
What is vacant possession?

What is vacant possession?

Vacant possession is a term used in property transactions to describe situations where a property is available at settlement at…

What to look for in a guarantee - a lender's perspective.

What is Preliminary Discovery?

Preliminary discovery is where one party (the applicant), before legal proceedings have commenced against another party (defendant), tries to identify…

Is It Considered Spam To Contact Other Businesses To Promote Mine?

What is contract repudiation?

Contract repudiation takes place where the other contracting party shows an unwillingness or inability to render performance of the contract…

Is domain hijacking illegal?

Is domain hijacking illegal?

Domain hijacking (or domain theft or domain name hijacking) is where a person changes the registration of a domain name…

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